Friday, 23 May 2014

Jeffrey’s Bay Wedding Photography

The “Sleeping Beauty”  - Bride in a Safe Place.

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This bride made me think about Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping beauty” and a dance in Jeffrey’s Bay
Hotspot getaway, Houtboschbaai nature reserve.  The place with luxury wooden chalets, where the bride with the beautiful eyes, Shauney, got dressed.  The window with a view captured the clean, safe, white beach, milkwood trees and the ocean with a colour close to eyes of the bride.  Safe for swimming and perfect for wedding photos on this long beach.  She was getting ready for the chapel:   The Text: Psalm 70:5
The word, chapel is ultimately derived from Latin. Traditional stories about Saint Martin relate that while he was still a soldier, he cut his military cloak in half to give part to a beggar in need. The other half he wore over his shoulders as a "small cape" (Latin capella).  The beggar, the stories claim, was Christ in disguise, and Martin experienced a conversion of heart, becoming first a monk, then abbot, then bishop. This cape came into the possession of the Frankish kings, and they kept the relic with them as they did battle. The tent which kept the cape was called the capella.   From these words, via Old French, we get the names "chapel". A safe place.  

If you want to hire a Chapel contact Githe Muir at Mentorskraal. She have a unique chapel (120 Guests) 4 different venues to choose from for the reception accommodating from 70 to 1000 guests.
Githe also did the makeup for Shauney for her wedding day “Dance”.  

We hope you enjoy the photos. We did by taking every one of them.    Here is a small collection:

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