Saturday, 3 January 2015

#Loerie #Wedding captured by #Photographer in #Jeffrey’s bay #DHPhotography

People who take no calculated chances, lack boldness and the spirit of adventure.   They are the brakes on the wheels of fun, laughter and joy.

Review from the wedding couple: "Our experience with David & Christin√© was amazing! Not only did they take the most amazingly beautiful photos of our wedding day, they also did tons of pre-wedding preparations. They made us feel more like friends than clients. The late afternoon evening photos were the crowning glory of our wedding e day!  They delivered exactly what was promised!  We love the story  that the photos tell of the best day of our lives. Thank you DHPhotography!   

Leon & Lorraine is a couple with such a spirit for adventure. They took a Platinum packet and were committed to enjoy every moment of the day and every minute of the photo shoot.  The day was unlocked with a sunny day at the beautiful shore of #Jeffrey’s Bay. The shoot started while the bride and groom were preparing. The Ceremony was captured at JC’S  in Loerie, Eastern Cape of South Africa and the shoot ended with a captivating & bold session at the beach at sunset 19:40.  The love between this couple was something between a deep modesty and  an exciting freedom in their passion and ways.

Robert Frost wrote:  “Freedom lies in being bold”

# Photographer: #DHPhotography  #Jeffrey’s bay

Enjoy a selection of some of the photos of day:
#DHPhotography  #Jeffrey’s bay

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